The Brazilian Software Quality Symposium (SBQS) is the leading Brazilian forum dedicated exclusively to Software Quality. Over time, the scientific and practical communities have created methods, techniques, paradigms, development environments and tools, life cycle models, maturity models, best practices, among others, which have largely impacted the way Software Engineering is done. Software Quality manifests itself in two complementary and dependent aspects: Process Quality and Product Quality. With the current high dependence on software and aggregated services, research in Software Quality and its application in products and services is both a necessity and a differential to provide value to organizations and their businesses.

Since its conception, SBQS has prioritized the exchange of experiences between Academy and Industry, where researchers, educators, and Software Quality and Software Engineering practical community meet to present and discuss ideas, experiences, and discoveries aimed at innovation with the potential to positively influence the software industry. SBQS believes in the importance of bringing researchers, practitioners and software engineering educators together in the discussion about the role of software quality in software development today and in the future.

SBQS 2023 has 3 tracks: Research Papers Track, Experience Report Track and Software Quality Education Track. It also has the  Software Quality Theses and Dissertations Workshop(WTDQS) and  Software Quality Theses and Dissertations Contest (CTDQS). In addition, there is the Industry Talks, dedicated to industry experiences. Researchers, educators, practitioners and students are invited and encouraged to submit papers that contribute to the Software Quality area.