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SBQS 2021: The 20th Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality

November 8th to 11th, 2021, Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil (online)




The Brazilian Software Quality Symposium (SBQS) is the main Brazilian forum dedicated to research on Software Quality. Software quality manifests itself in two complementary and dependent aspects: Software Process Quality and Software Product Quality. With the dependence of today's society on software and aggregated services, research on software quality and its application in products and services is both a necessity and a differentiating factor to providing value to organizations and their business.

The SBQS has excelled in the exchange of experiences between academia and industry, where researchers, educators, and practitioners of Software Quality and Software Engineering meet to present and discuss ideas, experiences, and discoveries aiming at innovation to improve the software industry.


The Software Quality Thesis and Dissertation Contest (CTDQS 2021) aims to publicize and reward the best Doctoral Thesis and Master Dissertation in the area of ​​Software Quality. The thesis or dissertation must have been concluded, defended, and approved in Brazil in 2020. The thesis and dissertation awarded should have a relevant impact on society and companies, as well as a significant and outstanding contribution to the scientific area of ​​Software Quality.


Three best Doctoral Theses and the three best Master's Dissertations will be awarded. These works must be presented by the student at the Software Quality Brazilian Symposium (SBQS 2021). It should be noted that, since 2008, the best Master Dissertation has received the “Prof. Arnaldo Dias Belchior ” award, in honor of the aforementioned researcher, in memoriam. Also, since 2020, the Best Doctoral Thesis receives the award called “Prof. Ricardo Falbo ”, a special tribute from SBQS to the distinguished researcher and major contributor to the Brazilian Software Quality community, in memoriam.

Target Audience

Ph.D. and Masters in the area of ​​Software Quality who have defended their theses or dissertations in Brazil between January 1 and December 31, 2020.


All submissions must be in PDF format and must follow the two-column ACM format for conferences (Interim template), available in ACM SIG Proceedings Templates. The use of LaTex (sigconf) is strongly recommended. In this case, authors should use the acmart.cls class provided in the template with the conference format enabled in the preamble of the document: \documentclass[sigconf]{acmart} and also apply the ACM-Reference-Format.bst bibliography style provided in the template: \bibliographystyle{ACM-Reference-Format}.

If authors choose to use the Word format, they should be aware of the fact that the two-column version (Interim Template) must be used for the submission. However, this is an outdated version of the ACM and, if the paper is accepted, the authors will have to move to the new simple column format (ACM Primary Article Template - Microsoft Word: Mac 2011, Mac 2016 and Windows) and deal with macro errors when importing into the ACM system until the paper version is correct and validated.

Papers should not exceed 10 pages, including all figures, tables, appendices, references, and acknowledgments. Submissions should be made electronically through the JEMS system.

Papers should be written in Portuguese or English. As in the last edition, the SBQS proceedings will be indexed online. The symposium is in the process of negotiating to publish the full papers of the SQBS tracks in the ACM DL.

Publication in the Proceedings of SBQS 2021 requires the CTDQS paper to be original. If the work has already been published in another venue (journal or conference, including SBQS itself), a one-page summary, containing the abstract of the paper in Portuguese and in English, will be published. The one-page summary must be prepared by the authors and must contain a reference to the complete, published version of the paper. 

Manuscript Preparation and Submission

Candidates must submit their work electronically through the JEMS system (SBQS 2021 - CTDQS, URL to be defined) and choose the track that corresponds to their work (Master's Dissertation or Doctoral Thesis). The following documents must be submitted:

  • The full text of the Thesis or Dissertation, in PDF format;
  • A paper presenting the Thesis or Dissertation with up to 10 pages;
  • A certificate of completion and approval of the Thesis or Dissertation, issued by the Course Coordination, containing the name of the Graduate Program, the date of the defense, the names of the advisor(s) and members of the Thesis Committee Board, the email and the name of the candidate, and the title of the Thesis / Dissertation;
  • A letter from the advisor highlighting why he/she believes the candidate deserves the award.

Important note: only one PhD Thesis and one MsC dissertation can be submitted for each advisor to the CTDQS contest.

The acceptance of an article implies that at least one of the authors must register to SBQS to present it during the event and that authors must provide extra files required by the general chair (for example, the previous presentation video following the requested format by SBQS). Additionally, for the purpose of speeding up the publication process, authors of accepted articles must fill some forms requested by the proceedings chair on specific dates.


Only papers that expand or deepen the knowledge about the subject of Software Quality will be accepted. Papers that only use or mention Software Quality will not be considered. The selection will be based on the evaluation of the complete thesis or dissertation. 

The theses and dissertations submitted to CTDQS 2021 will undergo an evaluation process by a committee composed of professionals from universities and research institutions with recognized research achievements in the area of ​​Software Quality. Members of the Evaluation Committee who supervise candidates competing in one track (dissertation or thesis) will only evaluate work in the other track.

Up to three papers in each category (i.e., Master or PhD) will be invited for presentation during SBQS 2021. Only the author who defended the Doctoral or Master's work shall present it. The presentation must last up to 20 minutes. A board of experts will evaluate the presentation and may ask questions. The final classification of CTDQS 2021 will be based on the evaluation of the complete thesis and the presentation held during the symposium.

Important dates

  • Submission via JEMS, including all documents mentioned above: August 02nd, 2021 (23:55h Brasília time)
  • Notification of the finalists: October 04th, 2021
  • Camera-ready version: October 15th, 2021
  • SBQS online from Vitória, Espírito Santo - CTDQS Awards: November 08th to 11th, 2021

CTDQS Chairs

Uirá Kulesza (UFRN) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vinícius Cardoso Garcia (UFPE) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SBQS Steering Committee

Adriano Bessa Albuquerque (UNIFOR)

Ana Regina Cavalcanti da Rocha (COPPE/UFRJ)

Gleison Santos (UNIRIO)

Ivan Machado (UFBA)

Monalessa Perini Barcellos (UFES)

Sheila Reinehr (PUCPR)

Tayana Conte (UFAM)

Proceedings Chair

Awdren de Lima Fontão (UFMS)

Program Committee

(to be defined)

Organização Realização Patrocínio - Diamante Plus







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